How to use

Gently apply the cream on face and neck. Dedicated to everyday care. It can be applied under makeup.

In order to provide couperose skin with comprehensive care, it is recommended to take care of proper cream application. Thanks to that we stimulate microcirculation and the substances are optimally absorbed. In addition, proper application helps prevent the onset of wrinkles, both expression lines and those caused by gravity. Apply dots of cream directly on face or rub it on palms and then apply evenly on face.


  1. on forehead apply using circular or zigzag motions from the central part between eyebrows towards the temples,
  2. on cheekbones from corners of the mouth towards temples and then along ears and jaw to end the process making a circular motion on cheekbones
  3. around lips­ starting from the central part above the upper lip, moving towards chin and then closing the motion upwards right below the lower lip.