Aesculus hippocastanum extract (horse­chestnut) owes its cosmetic properties to active substances: flavonoids and triterpenoid saponins, including aescin that facilitate microcirculation and protects blood vessels walls. It consequently fortifies smaller vessels and leads to their decreased permeability.

Ruscus aculeatus extract (butcher’s­broom) is particularly valued in couperose skin care due to saponins, including ruscogenin, and flavonoids: rutin and hesperidin that fortify capillaries, stimulate circulation and diminish permeability of walls of vessels. These substances, acting together, display enhanced (synergic) action.

Vaccinium macrocarpon extract (American cranberry) is an exceptionally rich source of constituents that support couperose skin care. Anthocyans that occur in the extract fortify walls of blood vessels and reduce permeability of capillaries. Phenolic compounds, vitamins C, E and niacin neutralize free radicals activity and alpha hydroxy acids stimulate cellular regeneration.

Ascophylum nodosum extract (brown alga) ­thanks to the exceptionally rich chemical composition provides broad spectrum of antioxidant effects neutralizing free radicals. In addition, it calms skin and reduces irritation. Thanks to polysaccharides such as alginic acid and fucoidan, it provides optimum moisture and enables skin restore its hydration balance.

Hyaluronic acid effectively moisturizes even dehydrated skin, it also enhances its regeneration, which makes skin firm and smooth. In addition, it has anti­wrinkle properties.

Shea butter is a natural and rich source of non­saturated fatty acids. Thanks to deep and fast penetration it helps nourish skin and regenerates its protective lipid layer, and thus supports its barrier functions. Additionally, it helps reduce water loss preventing skin dehydration.