• It prevents capillary break
  • It diminishes visible redness and the so­called spider veins
  • It conditions couperose skin

RedBlocker is a specialized product dedicated to use on entire body on areas where broken capillaries are particularly visible. RedBlocker protects sensitive skin from a tendency to form spider veins and tangled network of capillaries visible on skin surface. Regular skin care with RedBlocker formula leads to improved condition of skin and consequently improves its look. It helps diminish visible defects of skin: redness of epidermis (broken capillaries), bruising and local discolorations.

  • 90% of the surveyed confirm that the serum improves condition and look of skin
  • 83% of the surveyed confirm that the serum prevent capillary break
  • 73% of the surveyed confirm that the serum diminishes visibility of capillaries

* Statistical data obtained from dermatological­application tests