the brand

RedBlocker is a specialized line of dermocosmetics conceived in response to the needs of delicate, particularly demanding skin with broken capillaries.
It comprises cosmetics dedicated to daily care of skin, local application serum that can be used on entire body on areas where broken capillaries are particularly visible, and RedBlocker dietary supplement for internal use.

RedBlocker day cream for couperose skin. It instantly reduces redness, provides optimum protects skin from UVA/UVB radiation.

RedBlocker night cream for couperose skin. It fortifies capillaries, skin while you sleep.

RedBlocker Micellar water. It perfectly cleanses skin and fortifies capillaries.

RedBlocker local application serum. It diminishes the visibility of capillaries and prevents capillary break ­ for local application on entire body.

ReaBlocker dietary supplement. The tablets’ ingredients from the inside.