A specialist line of dermocosmetics designed for the care of demanding couperose skin, sensitive skin and skin prone to redness. It includes products for daily face care, a local application serum for use on the whole body, in places where capillaries are particularly visible and the Redblocker food supplement for use from the inside.

Redblocker day cream is a composition of as many as three natural plant extracts: chestnut, ruscus and cranberry extracts, which protect the skin from redness, strengthen the vessels and prevent them from breaking. The green masking pigment evens out the skin tone, covering the visible spider veins, while the UVA/UVB filter (SPF 15) protects against the sun.

Redblocker night cream stimulates reconstruction of skin cells during sleep, stimulates blood microcirculation, and has a protective effect on blood vessels. Therefore, after waking up the skin is clearly regenerated, with a fresh and radiant appearance.

Redblocker micellar water provides thorough and, at the same time, extremely gentle cleansing of sensitive and couperose skin. The content of chestnut extract, thanks to aescin, additionally boosts microcirculation and protects the vulnerable blood vessel.

Redblocker local application serum helps diminish visible skin defects: redness, visible capillaries, local bruising and discolorations. The precise applicator allows to apply the solution on the entire body, in places that require it.

Redblocker tablets is a food supplement which, thanks to vitamin C content, helps in the proper production of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels and protects skin cells from the harmful effects of free radicals. Additionally, niacin contained in Redblocker helps maintain healthy skin.

Redblocker repair concentrate consists of an innovated two-phase formula. Upon shaking, the concentrate’s phases combine to form a homogeneous, light and silky consistency with complementing effects. The water phase reduces the visibility of spider veins and eliminates redness. The oil phase hydrates and provides an immediate soothing effect. Combination of the two ensures through skin regeneration.

Redblocker active compress within a mask constitutes a perfect support to treatment of demanding couperose skin, sensitive skin and skin prone to redness. It immediately eliminates redness, soothes irritation and reduces the feeling of burning and discomfort, and reduces the visibility of spider veins. Thanks to Redblocker, the skin becomes strongly regenerated and hydrated, as well as smoothed and velvety to the touch.