cellular regeneration of the skin


against skin redness

deeply hydrates
and nourishes the skin

night cream


RedBlocker night cream is a specialist dermocosmetic intended for the care of delicate sensitive and couperose skin. It contains compositions of as many as three natural extracts: chestnut, ruscus and cranberry, which protect against redness and strengthen blood vessel walls, thus preventing them from breaking. Gingko extract present in the composition stimulates reconstruction of skin cells during sleep, stimulates microcirculation of blood and has a protective effect on blood vessels. The cream also contains acmella extract, which stimulates the action of fibroblasts, which in turn translates into reduced wrinkles and improved skin density, while the nourishing shea butter supports renewal of the skin’s protective lipid coat.

Redblocker night cream is an ideal solution for extremely demanding sensitive or couperose skin. It visibly improves the skin’s condition by stimulating cellular reconstruction during sleep, protecting against redness and strengthening fragile blood vessels. Additionally, it intensively moisturizes and nourishes, making the skin look fresh and radiant in the morning.


of women confirm that with regular use the cream fortifies blood vessels making them less visible


of women confirm the cream nourishes and moisturizes skin


of women confirm the cream regenerates skin while they sleep


Choose an ingredient to learn more

  • Aesculus hippocastanum extract <br> (horse-chestnut)  - <br>owes its cosmetic properties to its active compounds: flavonoids and triterpene saponins, including aescin, thanks to which it facilitates microcirculation and protects the walls of blood vessels. As a result, small vessels are strengthened and their permeability is reduced. In addition, it soothes irritation and the feeling of itching.
  • Ruscus aculeatus extract <br>(butcher’s-broom)  - <br>is particularly valued in treatment of skin prone to redness due to saponins, including ruskogenin, and flavonoids: rutin and hesperidin. These compounds, occurring together, show enhanced (synergistic) effects such as strengthened vessels, stimulated surface microcirculation, reduced permeability of vessel walls, and soothed and alleviated irritations.
  • Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry) extract <br> - is an exceptionally rich source of compounds with beneficial effects in the treatment of couperouse skin. The anthocyanosides contained in the extract strengthen vessel walls and reduce capillary permeability. Phenolic compounds, vitamins C, E and niacin neutralize free radicals while alpha-hydroxy acids stimulate cellular regeneration.
  • Ginko biloba (maidenhair tree) extract <br> - due to its multi-directional properties it is a valuable ingredient in cosmetics. Not only does it have a soothing and protective effect on the skin and blood vessels, but also stimulates blood circulation and stimulates deep cellular reconstruction. Its antioxidant effect translates into intensive neutralization of free radicals during sleep.
  • Spilanthes acmella (acmellia) extract <br> - gives a long-lasting smoothing effect, stimulates fibroblast proliferation, which in turn improves skin density and firmness. It helps to reduce wrinkles and symptoms of tired, aging skin.
  • Shea butter <br> - is a natural and rich source of unsaturated fatty acids. Thanks to its deep and fast penetration, it enables nourishment and regeneration of the skin, thus supporting its barrier functions. Moreover, it improves the condition and helps to reduce water loss, preventing the skin from drying out.

Directions for use

Spread the cream gently over face and neck. Designed for day-to-day care.

To be used also under make-up. To comprehensively take care of your vascular skin, remember to apply the cream correctly. Thus, you will stimulate microcirculation and help the ingredients optimally absorb. In addition, appropriate application prevents formation of both mimic and gravitational wrinkles.

The cream should be applied directly to the face or rubbed first on the fingertips and then spread.

  1. on the forehead – in circular or zigzag movements from the central part between the eyebrows towards the temples.
  2. on the cheeks – from the corners of the mouth to the temples and then down along the jaw to end with an upward motion, drawing a circle on the cheek.
  3. in the vicinity of the mouth – starting the movement in the central part above the upper lip, moving towards the chin and then closing the upward movement just below the lower lip.

Effectiveness confirmed by dermatological and application tests.