and improves elasticity
of blood vessels

alleviates irritations

deeply moisturises
and nourishes
the skin

lessens the sensation
of dryness
and itching

soothing balm for sensitive and couperose skin


Redblocker a soothing body balm is a specialist dermocosmetic designed to care for very sensitive and couperose skin, prone to irritations and redness. 5 active ingredients of the balm strengthen and keep arteries more flexible preventing ruptures from first application.

Additionally, it alleviates irritations and provides soothing effect by moisturizing and deeply nourishing the skin. Active ingredients reduce the sensation of dryness and itching. The balm visibly improves skin health leaving it smooth, supple and firm.

Horse chestnut and common horsetail extracts strengthen, supple and seal blood vessels preventing ruptures. Additionally, common horsetail extract stimulates collagen synthesis restoring skin’s vitality and healthy appearance. Grape seed oil, which contains flavonoids, improves the permeability of vascular capillaries and supports proper blood vessel function. In addition, it boosts the regeneration of epidermis, helps to replenish its natural protective barrier, and nourishes the skin leaving it supple and firm. Allantoin smoothes and soothes irritations, concurrently strongly regenerating the skin. Beta-glucan contained in the balm reduces irritations and redness, relieves dry and itchy skin. If used regularly, this deep and long-lasting moisturiser decreases the likelihood of broken capillaries to occur and significantly improves skin health and vitality.


product is gentle even for delicate, irritated skin


product gives the sensation of deeply moisturized skin


product restores comfort to irritated and dry skin


Choose an ingredient to find out more

  • Aesculus hipocastanum extract <br>(horse chestnut)  - <br>esculin which facilitates micro blood flow (microcirculation), protects vascular walls of  capillaries, veins and arteries and calms irritated and itchy skin.
  • Equisetum Arvense extract <br>(horsetail)  - <br>rich in minerals is a powerful revitaliser. Helps to protect and strengthen blood vessels and keep capillaries elastic. Also, boosts collagen synthesis leaving the skin firm, supple, plump and improves skin’s quality and healthy look.
  • B-glucan - <br>has antioxidating and anti-irritant effect, also leaves skin feeling rejuvenated, regenerated and hydrated.
  • Allantoin - <br>Calms, soothes and relieves irritated and reddened skin. Facilitates epidermis healing. Allantoin-based lotions, when used regularly,  have smoothing and softening effect on the skin.
  • Grape seed oil - <br>extremely rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and vitamin E is a potent source of antioxidants (flavonoids, lecithin) having powerful protection effect. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft, smoothed and soothed.

Direction for use

Rub in the balm all over the body, particularly into the affected areas, dry or with broken capillaries.