Soothing cleansing oil

and soothes the skin



soothing cleansing oil for sensitive and couperose skin


Redblocker a soothing cleansing oil for sensitive and couperose skin is a specialist dermocosmetic designed for daily face care routine. The blend of 6 natural oils extremely gently and precisely cleanses the skin.

The oil removes impurities and makeup benefiting the skin with essential nutrients. Its emollient properties restore skin comfort, alleviate irritations and lessen the sensation of tightness. Additionally, the ingredients actively strengthen blood vessels and reduce redness.

The oil formula protects the natural film of the skin, improves its barrier functions and intensely moisturises. Lightweight non-greasy oil formula leaves no residue on your skin.


of women confirm the oil leaves the skin soft and smooth


of women confirm the oil makes your skin look fresh and moisturized


of women confirm that the oil is gentle and does not irritate sensitive skin


Choose an ingredient to find out more

  • Rose seed oil - <br>is very rich in EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids) which improve skin elasticity and restore skin moisture. Fatty acids, as a primary component of cell membranes, ensure their permeability and firmness. They strengthen the natural defenses of the skin, promote regeneration leaving the skin deeply moisturised and nourished.
  • Almond oil  - <br>rich in fatty acids and emollients having moisture retaining capabilities foster to regulate the lipid balance. Is extremely well tolerated by the skin thus recommended as a sebum restoring epidermis function in cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Grapeseed oil  - <br>is an amazing antioxidant rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and vitamin E. Contains flavonoids, lecithin and anti-inflammatory nutraceuticals with potent protective action leaving your skin moisturised, soft and soothed.
  • Borage oil - <br>rich in compounds such as tans, flavonoids and Omega-6 fatty acids is a powerful antioxidant. Strengthens and seals blood vessel,  and also helps combat various skin concerns.
  • Camellia oil - <br>is known as the olive oil of the Far East. Features high levels of oleic acid and is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. As a potent antioxidant lessen the effects of free radicals harmful to the skin.
  • Sunflower oil - <br>smoothes, regulates sebaceous gland production, moisturises, has protective function and anti-free radicals effect. Rich in vitamins, including vitamin E, and also micronutrients such as copper and iron, is quickly absorbed so that it will not clog pores at all.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount of oil to dry or moist skin on your face and eyelids. Massage delicately and rinse with lukewarm water. The oil is intended for daily cleansing routine of sensitive and couperose skin. Dermatologically tested.